Thrive in the New Paradigm: DEI!

Uplevel Your Leadership Through Allyship

Hi there! 👋 I'm Lisa. Welcome.

Watch this series of mini video trainings on how to uplevel your leadership through allyship below!


Part 1:

You must realize that, like leadership, allyship is also a journey. Living the life of an ally is not something that happens overnight. 

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Part 2:

Are you unknowingly perpetuating the problem while thinking you’re a part of the solution? This is why you must decolonize yourself and your practices.

Part 3:

Your journey to greater allyship is a liberating process with many benefits, personal and professional (more than I named here!).

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What's Next?

We are at a pivotal moment in the history of the world. The Civil Rights Revolution of 2020 presents a turning point in the expectations of our leaders, healers, and our transformational agents. This is an opportunity for you to expand in your leadership for the collective healing and Ascension of our planet. Also for your own personal integrated awareness: grounded in practical and real truths of our times. Thus -- I have an invitation for you! 🤗

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You are personally invited!
Thrive in the New Paradigm: DEI

This is a transformational DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) training and healing experience with me. In it I combine my 10+ years of DEI experience, intuitive healing work, linguistic expertise (I am trained as a linguist, and the first woman of color [WOC] forensic linguist in the United States), and legacy of Civil Rights activism of my family here in the USA. The experience is unlike anything you’ve ever been a part of, guaranteed.💯

This training is designed to supplement your learning and fill in what are the most important gaps between books / resources + recommended actions that need bridging. Understand why you take the actions you do, why you meet the reactions you do, and how you personally can evolve as the unique leader you are who can facilitate safe equitable space in the new paradigm.

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In this 4-hour training, you will: 

🌹 Learn a step-by-step process to integrate what you learn so that you can act with integrity in a way that aligns with your values and your greatest gifts.

🌹 Uncover additional ways you may have internalized harmful elements that perpetuate systemic oppression (at some point, we all do). Experience healing around these pieces.

🌹 Learn to distinguish helpful from harmful resources.

🌹 Understand how to elevate marginalized & underrepresented individuals in your community where you hold privilege they don't + how to incorporate this into your work. Allyship in action.

🌹 Acquire some basics on starting conversations inside of your own communities.

🌹 Leave with awareness of how you can approach your integrated learning of systemic oppression for personal transformation and professional development. Understand the next best step for you in your personal life, relationships, and in your business. This is a journey. #normalizethejourney


What to expect about the experience:

✅ A Zoom link directing you to the replay of the Live event to watch on your own time.

✅ Interactive learning in an equitable, inclusive, safe space

✅ Safety and anonymity. You'll be able to ask your questions without feeling judgment from other attendees.

✅ Self reflection and integration exercises

✅ Channeled healing: somatic, embodied, sound, ancestral.

✅ Time for: breaks, music, and dancing if you desire! 💃🏽


What to NOT expect:

🚫 lots of basic definitions of terms you can discover w/a Google search.

🚫 lots of academic jargon (the field / industry is literally creating language that's never existed in many languages, which creates an inherent issue of access)

🚫 no potentially harmful breakout rooms or harmful questions (you'll be able to ask your questions and freely express. We have a way to prevent the potential harm factor while live on the call).



What to bring:

✨ something to take notes with / journal

✨ comfy clothing

✨ water, warm beverage and or nourishment

✨ blanket, essential oils and crystals...whatever helps you feel protected, comfortable and safe

The BEST part‼️

🤎 100% of the proceeds fund sponsorships for The NEW Program: a leadership coaching and healing circle exclusively for black womxn of the African diaspora. 🤎

“I received so much from your training yesterday. I actually feel that beyond the information, there was an energetic transmission that occurred. I had the opportunity  and TOOK IT to use my voice in three separate occasions in service to being an ally today. That would not have happened before. You helped remove a block that had kept me silent. I see you. I hear you. I VALUE you. I am grateful for your wisdom, grace under fire, generosity, power and beautiful voice. I took positive actions today that would not have happened, but for your counsel.”  -B.C.
“Yesterday’s JEDI school was so powerful! Communication is the number one tool we all have to bring clarity and understanding to each other.” - A.R.

I found tremendous value in it. I was grateful to be held with such care and it was exquisite that you wove in connection to the ancestors and sound healing. I never imagined there was a space in which I could enjoy skilled facilitation around the mental and emotional aspects of J.E.D.I. work with deep energetic support. I know what goes into “holding space” and I just want to reflect my deep gratitude for what you share. - K.W.

 It was so, so helpful and informative and heart opening, and emotional and healing and empowering. The personal responsibility is so true and I’m committed to taking the action I want to take. -S.T.

I was so excited to have the opportunity to attend your incredible workshop yesterday. It was expertly, compassionately, and lovingly led. Your sound healing was over the top gorgeous and very evocative for me. I could feel layers unwind inside myself. 

“I so appreciate your clear accepting tone and presence, along with your depth of experience, and promise of new insights in this ongoing journey.” -M.R.

“Hi Lisa, thank you for your training yesterday I found it very insightful and so beautifully managed to ensure everyone’s safety.” -S.J.
Thank you so much for your skillfullness and generosity in doing the workshop yesterday. In addition to your knowledge and decision to not do break-out rooms, so people could feel safe, I've been reflecting on the gentle atmosphere through music, the singing bowls, your words and the frequent breaks, to help our nervous systems feel nourished and not too overloaded with material that can be triggering. Seems like a lot of both experience and magic in there... -L.B.
Thank you so much. I keep writing and deleting so I will start with a direct and heartfelt, life changing thank you…..
“Normalize the journey. Thank you for playing such an important role in this part of my journey.” -K.J.

💜 Testimonials 💜

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🤎 100% of the proceeds fund black womxn inside The NEW Program, a leadership coaching and healing program exclusively for black womxn of the African diaspora!