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Why Sponsor? What's in it for you

✔️ Show that you are a leader who stands on the right side of history, understanding that communities are now demanding more of their leaders [new paradigm leadership]

✔️ Recognition + Reach: Your name and brand is seen by international audiences of 10,000+

✔️ Brand Association: Aligned your brand with the 1st Leadership Coaching and Healing Program of its kind exclusively for black womxn + with a well-loved woman who is quickly becoming an international micro-influencer in the field of anti-racism education in the personal development industry.

✔️ Investing in the empowerment of black womxn in their own communities creates long-term impact in a socially just way + the opportunity for profitable partnerships with those communities


Why your sponsorship matters:

  • Black womxn make up the highest growing demographic entering entrepreneurship in the United States

  • Demographic least likely to be promoted or have interaction with senior leadership at their corporate jobs


  • Are most likely to be single moms

  • Are culturally conditioned to not receive

  • Have the fewest examples of leaders like them outside of athletes & the entertainment industry

  • Do not even get as much media attention in police killings as black men do

  • WHAT BECOMES POSSIBLE WHEN MORE COMMUNITIES ARE EMPOWERED? With this demographic having more access to financial capital to invest in higher level coaching, in creating large businesses, etc. in impacting their communities, creating clearer environments, getting more access to health … that’s what many of these womxn want to create.







The first program of its kind in the personal development industry

  • 6 black womxn guest expert facilitators

  • Coaching + training modules + experiential learning + healing and energy work

  • Combines traditional ancestral wisdom and community learning methodology with standard Western practices

  • Taught within an anti-racist framework to provide leadership coaching and holistic healing for the new paradigm of leadership in 2020 and beyond

Monthly break down:

Month 1: The system. Participants will learn about systemic oppression, the resulting internalized oppression they carry, and how this impacts their experiences and how they express themselves as leaders. They will learn to identify and transform those unsupportive patterns within themselves.

Month 2: Mindset. Participants will design their own unique structures & strategies to support them toward their goals, with culture-specific guidance to create the mindset to do implement these strategies consistently.


Month 3: Embodiment. Participants will learn to process somatically held trauma through their bodies + practice embodying their empowered leadership and presence. 


Month 4: Intuition + gifts: Much of the spirituality found in mainstream personal development circles stems from the wisdom and traditions of our ancestors. Here they will learn to trust themselves more greatly in decision making and taking action aligned with their values in service to the communities they lead.


Month 5: Voice. Participants will experience owning their unique voice and amplifying their message.


Month 6: EPIC expression. Womxn will implement the E.P.I.C. Expression Framework, designed to create meaningful relationships across their communities, professional and personal lives while remaining true to themselves and their values.


Who are The NEW Program participants?

These womxn are hand selected leaders of the future who have been in Lisa’s community. 

All of them have plans to either lead their own community or affect impact and change on a regional, national or international scale.

The womxn come from various countries and represent various native language populations.

Their work is everything from healthcare equity and policy reform, sex and relationship coaching, ancestral healing, aspiring writers, visual and performance artist, black haircare business owners, anti-racist education specialists, and more.

These are womxn who are creating communities and becoming the examples they always wished they had and never did.

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Who is Lisa Dennen-Young?

Hi there! 👋 This is Lisa.

As the first woman of color (WOC) to graduate as a forensic linguist in the United States, training with the FBI linguist who broke the Unabomber case of the 1990s, it is my honor to help women pioneer their own paths. I support womxn into their unique powerhouse leadership with ease, flow, and fun! 🤗


For about a decade, I represented fortune 500 clients across industries at their highest profile international events. Having lived in six countries on four continents, I’ve trained global audiences from entrepreneurs, educators and change-makers to C-level executives and students about cross-cultural communication, equity, and human connection across professional, social and intimate relationships.

I create spaces for women to embrace their bold, epic expression to create the lifestyle and impact they want to have as leaders. I also energize audiences as an event personality and performer, blending a light-hearted depth of coaching, embodied movement, spoken word, sound healing, rhythmic play, poetry, and multilingual presenting. I annually emcee a 14,000+ festival in two languages (and sometimes a third!).

I’m blessed to come from powerful female lineages: one of intuitive medicine women and healers + another of Civil Rights Movement leaders who influenced Martin Luther King, Jr. I speak fluent Spanish and Portuguese, with working knowledge of Turkish, Italian, and French. My husband and I live in Oakland, California and perform as the musical duo Loveangelists.


I personally have been able to achieve success as a leader because of the support of sponsors like you. It is my honor to now guide black womxn of the African diaspora to also lead their own communities.

Renee Hilliard, M.D..jpg

🎉 Added on a 6-figure value-aligned client!

🎉 Healed from four generations of domestic violence and learned to trust men again


🎉 Set strong boundaries with her boss, reclaimed her health, and earned the highest raise

*in the ENTIRE company*

in the following pay period!

🎉 $14,000 launch (and counting!) with soulmate clients!


🎉 Unraveling the internalized oppression within herself as a black womxn, based on facilitation style

Learning how to facilitate in accordance with social justice!

🎉 created the 1st queer Asian community of its kind!

What Lisa's clients Experience


Where your money goes

Your sponsorship goes to one of two places: 


1. Compensation of the 6 guest expert facilitators.

2. Defray or cover the cost of enrollment for black womxn in most need.


Sponsorship Levels



Sponsors an upgraded experience for one woman



Sponsors one woman
in The New Program



Sponsors compensation for of the 6 monthly guest expert facilitators

Reach and Recognition


Ability to tag ads and website with "Proud sponsor of The NEW Program for Black Women Leaders"

Top placement of logo on Facebook & Instagram announcements (minimum 20,000 viewers globally)

Promotional content in program email (distributed to 400 minimum)

Recognition as Gold Sponsor on press releases (distributed to business journals and magazines targeting the black community)

Top placement of logo on thank-you slide for program kick-off


Middle placement of logo on Facebook and Instagram announcements (minimum 10,000 viewers globally)

Recognition as Silver Sponsor on press releases (distributed to business journals and magazines targeting the black community)

Name listed in program email (distributed to 400 minimum)

Middle placement of logo on thank-you slide for program kick-off


Listing of name on Facebook & Instagram announcements (minimum 5,000 viewers globally) 

Recognition as Bronze Sponsor on press releases (distributed to business journals and magazines targeting the black community)

Name on the thank-you slide for the program kick-off

THE FIRST 10 SPONSORS receive an additional INDIVIDUAL thank you inside Lisa’s live videos! [minimum 1,000 viewers worldwide]


In the words of a Sponsor...


“We need to honor our wisdom bearers and the precious perspective and education we don’t have. Yes I take on this challenge.

And I honor Lisa’s willingness to put her extensive skills to the task for this work. So grateful."

- Sponsor


Sponsor Partners

Fun ways to create community around your sponsorship:

  • Join with a friend or colleague and sponsor as a team. 

  • If you lead a community, create a pool within your community. 

  • If you have an employer, ask them to match your funds. 

  • You can also ask your employer to put a percentage of their professional development budget toward sponsorship.


Okay I’m in. Now what?


First off, Woohoo! 🎉
You are changing lives and the system!

Now, to finalize your sponsorship, select one of the following buttons to send payment at the Sponsorship level of your choice. You may also sponsor multiple womxn, which you may indicate in the notes section of your payment. 


Once you’ve completed your payment you’ll receive an email prompting you with next steps for your recognition.

Excited to Partner with you!