Safe Space Guidelines

All-Access Mastermind (AAMM) & Break The Spell (BTS) are (Q)BBIAPI-WOC centered spaces.


The general programming will be for WOC + allies. Meaning a restorative justice framework is upheld in a mixed program where WOC and those with marginalized identities are prioritized in an inclusive + equitable space.

Here are the guidelines that must be followed if you're in this space:

  • If you have questions feel free to ask. 

  • I hold spaces exclusively for WOC and exclusively for Black women, and the fact of the matter is that we live in a big world. Instead of completely shielding, be strongly held in a space where you are the priority despite the presence of whiteness. Experience the feeling of showing up for yourself no matter who’s watching.

  • I hold TIGHT boundaries in my containers for allies.

  • I have been hosting Black only and non-Black ally spaces for most of 2020, and I see the potential.

  • I want WOC to know that it’s not just in WOC-only spaces that they can feel safe to be true to themselves and seen, but rather prepare themselves to feel safe & seen in the whole big world…no matter who is watching. 

  • For allies: You MUST identify as an ally/accomplice/co-conspirator to join. Only sign up if you have the following:

    • Recognize that this is *NOT* the place to unpack any of your internalized racism, fetishism, host WOC research, and/or exploit WOC for friendship, partnership, or any other reason.

    • It is equally *NOT* a space to share your guilt, shame, internalized anger/rage for the plight of WOC or be overly in awe (fetishism / tokenism / exoticism). 

    • Expect that there are WOC experiences you won’t understand, and you won’t get answers about inside this program (I offer other containers for you to unpack).

    • You respect that WOC will be prioritized in this space, and it’s an opportunity for you to experience what that looks like to center WOC.

    • If you posted nothing about Civil Rights after George Floyd (or in general, ever), this is not the program for you.

    • You know what micro aggressions are, you know what your own have been in the past, and you will hold yourself at bay. There is ZERO tolerance for any of that in the Academy.

    • You spend zero time talking about — in group calls or the FB group — that you’re working to do better. If you join, it’s because you ARE working to do better. The Academy is not the place to try to prove your allyship or “woke-ness” to anyone. 

    • If you go against any of the rules, you receive a warning. If you do it more than once, you’ll receive your money back minus the time/content you’d already received from AAMM or BTS

  • This is new & unique. I haven’t seen it done before. I’ve seen people talk about prioritizing the most marginalized identities in a mixed space without follow through; I’ve seen people try hosting the mixed spaces with a justice lens and letting it go. I’m holding to a greater hope for what’s possible in the collective.


A unique space on the internet. A space for all who identify as women, while PRIORITIZING (Q)WOC and those with the most marginalized identities. Why? Because I believe in real equity and inclusion. I believe that, in an equitable and safely held space, WOC can have the experience of being themselves without  

I want to flip the model of WOC providing emotional labor on its head. White women can hold emotional space for WOC. The WOC are not obligated to do the same.