As the world watches this pivotal moment in history that is the civil rights revolution, 


these are times are summoning you into our most exalted being. Your visible queendom.

A more liberated, embodied, epically expressed version of you. 

You get to do it with rest. With pleasure. And with a community of badass black sister queens doing it with you.


Join in community and be supported to emerge as the leader you wish to be in the world.


👑   Experience a community of all shades of black womxn curated by a black woman who understands the affects of systemic oppression and internalized oppression so that you have the support to decolonize your mind and body.

👑   Experience a program outside of the personal development industry norm, that does not focus on the patriarchal top-down learning, but also the opportunity to learn from all the wisdom of the community, as our ancestors once carried and amplified collective wisdom in community.

👑   Reclaim your body, embody your voice, and learn to set AND hold your boundaries so that you have the tools to create and maintain personal peace —and pleasure— while stepping into your next level visibility and leadership, fully self-expressed.

👑   Receive Mind/body/spirit healing so that you clear any mental, emotional, energetic obstacles to taking action.


Gracefully moving through the old programming...

  • The overwhelm triggered by the protests + ignorance of folks stuck in racist behavior + cognitive dissonance 

  • Living in the oppressive state of perfectionism to contort your words, appearance, and expression, to appease others

  • Constantly trying to fit in for safety when you were meant to stand out for liberation

  • Fear of failure, success, rejection, not "doing it right" ... fear of being killed

  • Feeling like a burden meanwhile you’ve been carrying the burdens of systemic oppression your whole life 


Now you can move through those outdated programs. Speak up, stand out, and step into your queendom as you’ve been called. With like minded black womxn in sisterhood.


This is The NEW Program.

The NEW Program is the first coaching and healing program of its kind designed exclusively for conscious black womxn. 

6 months of support in community to go from still holding back to BOLD and VISIBLE LEADER in your work, life, and community. We start the week of July 7th.

This is for you if

  1. You are a conscious black woman/womxn who understands that results come from being willing to show up consistently. 

  2. You desire a community of like-minded unique black womxn. You desire to contribute and receive support from your sister queens in community as much as you to learn from the experts. You expect to do the work to become more expressed, embodied and visible in your leadership, and appreciate accountability.

  3. You know hiding is no longer an option, and firming up the boundaries to is a must.

  4. You want to deepen connection to your body and voice, your intuitive capacities, and your pleasure.

  5. You acknowledge the undeniable pull of this civil rights revolution calling you into something greater. You know it’s time for you to be more visible, embody your TRUE voice and/or expression, and share what you really need to say.


the Queen behind this 👑

Hey beautiful. I’m Lisa Dennen-Young (she/her). I serve as an intuitive sound healer and lifestyle coach. I was the 1st WOC to graduate as a forensic linguist in the United States. I am the descendant of the civil rights leaders in North Carolina. I am the great niece of a woman who taught Rev. Jesse Jackson. I’ve earned my former Fortune 500 clients millions within minutes. I’ve traveled the world training groups on cross-cultural communication, equity, and intimate connection across professional, romantic, and interpersonal relationships.


I have been a singer since age six, and have performed in front of 14,000+ in multiple languages. I have consciously practiced embodied & somatic healing before I even knew its name.

I stand firmly in my power and the power infused into us. As Maya Angelou said: “I come as one and stand as 10,000.” 


My intuitive gifts, ancestral guidance, training, and lived experience has led me to curate this program for black womxn leaders that has never before been seen. I was called by my ancestors to create the program last year, and *now* I understand why. 

Standing firmly is something I only learned with mentorship and support. #normalizethejourney


I used to sit still in fear of moving too much for someone around me. I shut my voice down because my presence was already offensive so I could never imagine taking up any more space with my words. I used to run myself into the ground because if I wasn’t working I wasn’t worth anything. I used to try to know everything and win all the awards as compensation for it. I had always been afraid … afraid to be loved, afraid to make money, afraid to marry, afraid to fail, afraid to thrive, afraid to disappoint, afraid to be vulnerable, afraid to use my voice, and ultimately afraid to be seen…as ME. 


I’ve spent the last 6 years making fear so sexy that the scary thing becomes more seductive than your status quo. Together, with the support of community, you too can step into your unique version of leadership.


The 🔥🔥🔥 results my clients experience:

  • Attracted a 6-figure client she actually felt aligned with!

  • Set strong boundaries with her boss and then received the highest raise *in the entire company* during the next pay period!

  • Began giving herself more love & respect in her relationship and receiving more love from her partner!

  • Decided that she would no longer allow her skin color and body be a liability that keeps her invisible, and that she could instead use her voice and embrace her body … even dancing alone in the street!

  • Awakened intuition & inner wisdom + healer capacities!

  • Reclaimed the unique voice, personality and style! Leading to greater confidence + higher audience engagement online!

  • healed from four generations of domestic violence and learned to trust men again!

clarke-sanders-JpCOGj0uIlI-unsplash (1).

I've gotten to where I am now — sharing myself vulnerably knowing it is the REAL strength, getting on Facebook live videos with my hair LITERALLY not combed for days, freshly taken out of a bun it’d been in for days claiming and living my desires, setting my boss boundaries, co-creating an incredibly liberating marriage, building a biz expressing my WHOLE myself, and decolonizing my mind and body — because of support. Mentors pointing out blindspots, energy workers providing healing, surrounded in supportive community, and accountability to keep me on track, while celebrating wins along the way!


So check it— 

This program is 6 months of FIYA 🔥🔥🔥 designed to hold a tight container for you to expand.

We start the week of July 7 and meet live on Zoom twice a month Tuesdays at 12pm PDT for 90min.

In between you have access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share learnings and wisdom, and receive unlimited support from me.

Once a month you’ll experience a guest expert facilitator on the following topics: decolonizing your mind. Worthiness. Trauma-informed somatic healing. Spiritual & angelic guidance. Sex. Visibility & impact.

You receive monthly live sound healings.


Month 1: The System

Uncover where you are still carrying & living with internalized oppression as a result of the system, mind body and spirit


Month 2: Mindset

Set up supportive structures & strategies to create your queen mindset as you expand. Embody your worthiness starting with aligning your mindset.


Month 3: Embodiment

Reconnect with your body, move into deeper connected relationship and reclaim both your body and the wisdom it provides for you


Month 4: Intuition

Much of the white-washed spirituality found in mainstream personal development circles stems from the wisdom and traditions of our ancestors. Open more deeply to your own intuitive gifts to support you in living the unique purpose to which you are called.


Month 5: Voice

As you strengthen your connection with your truth, your voice becomes empowered. Embody your own voice in all its glory and power + amplify your message.


Month 6: Epic Expression

Use the E.P.I.C. Expression Framework to pleasurably embody your boldest visible leadership. Be your epically expressed queen self and create the connections that lead to win/win solutions in love, work, and in your community.



(besides that here we’re all black and beautiful):


***This is not top down learning. When you join The NEW Program, you are in community. We learn from one another. ALL throughout you’ll have the opportunity to practice standing in your full power within the container. Meaning that you will be able to convene and facilitate and practice your own leadership within the sisterhood (and practice sisterhood too!).


Here ALL of you is welcome: your intersectionality, your psychic, your woo, your raunchy, your stiffness, slutty, sexy, “taboo,” your “angry black girl,” your “awkward black girl,” your greedy, your shy introvert & ostentatious extrovert, your rage, your pain, your joy, fear, sorrow … ALL of it is the honor of being HUMAN. And we CELEBRATE all of it.


This program isn’t a one-size fits all with templates. What worked for the last white girl no longer needs to be what works best for you. 👋 Buh-bye old bro marketing tactics. Buh bye proving yourself to others. Learn what’s best for you and OWN it. No extra crap. Simple structure with flexibility & freedom to create your desired lifestyle & impact. That's it. Apply it to your work, love life, community, familial relationships … what you'll learn here with the sistas applies everywhere.

Renee Hilliard, M.D..jpg

Renee Hilliard, M.D.

“When I met Lisa, I was transitioning from practicing medicine to coaching. I was having difficulty stepping into this new leadership role because of concerns about what others would think of me. I was afraid to speak my truth and share my voice because I have always considered myself a shy person. I was trying to figure out what people wanted so I could make myself marketable instead of trusting that people wanted what I had to offer. 


I now see that I am my brand. My true self and vulnerable expression is what people want. That is the magic and the magnet. 

Lisa helped me managing the fear and anxiety of expressing myself. She helped me gain clarity around my true identity and what it is I want to offer.  Lisa helped me get to a place of feeling worthy of receiving.


She showed me by her example that a successful business can also include self care, ease, fun and pleasure. Thank you Lisa!”


Renee Reese

I wasn’t getting signups for my challenge and graphics are NOT my thing. Lisa gave me some major tweaks and I ended up with over 70 people registered for my challenge and now at $14,000 in sales for this launch!


Meriem Bekka

I loved the embodiment exercises - esp how much more I could learn about others from movement and eye contact vs just words...I also loved the core thesis of letting your own light shine to allow others to do the same... it gave me new perspective to deepen that practice.

AND you’re an absolute light that’s full of love and magic and it’s absolutely palpable in everything you do and touch.


Prices in US dollars. Payment plans monthly. 

Paid in Full Basic

Payment Plan Basic

Paid in Full VIP

Payment Plan VIP

$888 x6

$1250 x6



Is this refundable?

No. Make a choice to show up and you will experience the shifts. These training modules will be available to you indefinitely. Get what you need when you need it, and trust the rest will come.


What does the VIP option come with?

You receive one additional private coaching session with me per month, plus direct messaging access to me for personalized support M-F.


Are there scholarships available?

Yes! Please reach out to Lisa on Facebook messenger (at Lisa Dennen-Young) to be considered for a scholarship.


When does the program start and how do I get on the live community calls? Week of July 7. Live calls happen Tuesdays at 12pm PDT. Calls will happen over Zoom video conference (easy to install on any device if you don’t already have it) and will be recorded should you need to miss a call.


What is the time commitment?

Live calls are 90min, plus videos + integration exercises may take anywhere from 30min - 1 hour, based on how much time you decide to spend with them. T

his is designed to be super flexible so you can get exactly what you need when you need it.


What if I cannot join live? All good.

We have recordings of every call, + you can go into the FB group to ask your questions and get them answered at anytime.


It’s hard for me to speak up in groups. How will my voice be heard?

Being in groups, even small ones, can feel overwhelming. In accordance with my values, is my duty & honor to maintain a sense of equity in voice and expression during the live calls. It is of the utmost importance to me to personally ensure that all voices are heard, perspectives considered, and experiences valued. I am a fierce protector and will fight for your sense of safety in any space I create. There are many ways that I work to ensure this and bring all voices, including prioritizing the most marginalized voices among us. If you want you speak your voice into the group, it is also your responsibility to receive the invitation to do it.