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~Their Story~

Once upon a time a musician went out with his bandmate on a Thurs night.

A nomad temporarily in town…and a musician in secret…also went out on a Thurs night (alone).

In that historical music locale, the BOOM BOOM ROOM!, the magic happened! 😉


A growing love

Haha silly not that magic — Nathan & Lisa met!

And after choosing love everyday, Nathan proposed to Lisa atop Haleakala … the volcano on the island of Maui, Hawaii.

They even started a band together called Loveangelists and toured around spreading love through music. 🎶

After almost 2 years of engagement, after trying to align various family members from opposite ends of the country with a singular location for a wedding, Lisa received a divine message to get married on December 8, 2018.


In short, they eloped. 

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They were held in sacred matrimony by the sea cliffs of Montara, California and witnessed by the Pacific Ocean (along with the photographers who took these photos ☺️).


They always wanted to gather their families and friends from near and far to share in the love, and between life and quarantine, that has yet to happen. They hope it does someday.

(5th wedding anniversary anyone?!)

In the meantime, allow us to share our visions of our new home with you!

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Hiking, running, beach, biking, kayaking. (Maybe even surfing one day! Who knows.) I’m excited to live in this area for recreation and the nature. 

In this house, I’m looking forward to having a sanctuary, lovely garden…a place of inspiration for my music. I began learning music production during quarantine and have been inspired to do a lot more writing. I want share music that inspires and moves and touches people… that gets them through hard times and helps them celebrate good times. 

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You guessed it! I have big plans. 😂 

After some years as a leadership coach for women, I am turning focus to growing the DEI (diversity equity inclusion) consulting and a Music Medicine Membership, where I offer channeled weekly sound healings and messages, and monthly virtual sound baths that bring community together worldwide to set intentions and support healing. I am also launching a podcast in the new year as well as a solo music career under a fitting stage name, which I’ll be announcing soon! 🤗 My vision and purpose is to live a life elevating voices that have gone unheard in the world and using expression to support healing and liberation. This home for me is a place to expand in love, in my body/mind/spirit, an opportunity to steward this beautiful land (and live 5min from the ocean! 😍), and to grow in my work and purpose on this planet.

Thank you for being a special part of our lives, and this next chapter!

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