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It's Time To Reclaim..

Reclaim all that has been considered “taboo,” “shameful” and shunned in an oppressive, patriarchal and racist system…. And live your best LIFE woman!


Just as the snake sheds its skin, it is time for you to let go of the shell that no longer serves you, and rebirth yourself into the next phase…embracing the power that you once feared.



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Treated Silk


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An Immersive 2-Day Virtual Retreat Experience for

Women Entrepreneurs

October 14 & 15, 10am - 4pm PDT

This virtual retreat experience is for you if you desire to:

💋 Break ancestral patterns and cycles of intergenerational trauma

🐍 Say goodbye to poverty consciousness and embrace your abundance from the inside out

💋 CLAIM the wealth and abundance available to you at this time

🐍 Experience the power of YOU, and express that through your content 

💋 Come into the kind of self love and embracing of your own body, uncovering 

🐍 Experience your divinity and sacred energies, and channel them for real healing + abundance

Money, Sex, Power is a reclamation of all that has been considered “taboo,” “shameful” and shunned in an oppressive, patriarchal and racist system.



💋Breaking the cycle by healing from generations of domestic violence (and seeing how it’s helped her mother and grandmother heal too!) 

💋Having the first 6-figure year when not being able to “launch” anything in the past

💋Releasing trauma from past experiences of coaches and group programs not being able to hold all of her

💋Filling her program while marketing less! And being able to buy her first house as a result

💋Experience hot sex with her partner

💋Having the courage and voice to create a dream-come-true podcast centering marginalized voices 🎉

💋Learning to embrace what she thought was her greatest weakness, boosting her audience engagement

the healing

Coming into deep acceptance of yourself, release old wounds & take back control of your life. Claim the birthrights of your body and your abundance.

the learning

Uplevel your content & brand, experience your expanded self, and explore sacred plants and tools to support your journey.

the coaching

Mindset shifts and old pattern-breaking to step into your next version of badassery 😎

the community

 Global woman on a mission and impacting the world through their work — 4 continents already joined and counting.



Hey gorgeous,


I'm Lisa. 💋


I confess: I once feared every single thing on this page…including my own image. 


Now, I am a woman of reclaimed power. Of reclaimed sex. Of reclaimed prosperity. And many of my clients are too.


I invite you to experience your next levels of abundance reclamation through exploration of these power topics normally shamed as “taboo” and kept behind closed doors… Behind these doors await your evolved divinity, power, embodiment, abundance and more.


Personally, my reclamation has led to healing from things like sexual assault and abuse, embracing the wisdom of my lineages of medicine women and Civil Rights activists who supported Dr. Martin Luther King Jr in the 1960s, becoming the first woman of color (WOC) to graduate as a Forensic Linguist in the United States, being featured in Forbes, bringing in 6 figures in business revenue within 2 weeks (with ease). 


You are on this page because the collective is shifting into a new paradigm of being. You are called to your part of it through this reclamation. 


As a coach, mentor, and intuitive sound & ancestral healer, I guide women to step into their highest calling leadership so that you experience the ultimate impact, prosperity and love you are here to embody. 


The spaces I facilitate are equitable, empowering, and inspire you to embrace and EXPRESS you full self. As I like to say "unconditional love has space for All of YOU." The collective shift happening *RIGHT NOW* calls you to live from your true essence, your intuition, healing, and ultimately, your sovereign power...and when you join us you’ll experience a supportive community of powerful women worldwide to share the journey with you. 🌹

Image by Nikita Tikhomirov


This virtual retreat will have a pre-event and post-event experience and

will be covering framework topics and a few bonus topics!

Money Mindset &


Sexual Healing & Polarized Energies





Your Body
& Embodied


How to
GROW your


& Improving
Your message


Tapping Into

Your Infinite

Content Flow


Embracing You as Your Driving Brand



The event will follow Pacific Standard Time.

🐍 DAY 1 💦

10am - Welcome & Grounding for sweet morning bliss

Divine Feminine Isis, Sexual Alchemy, & Plant Medicine with Lucia Pavone

Embodied Mindset

Goddess Lunch Break

Welcome Back Energized Grounding

Money training with Penelope Jane Smith
The Coaching: Laser Loveseat Coaching

 Sound Healing + Sisterhood Mingling

3:30pm - Closing

🐍 DAY 2 💦

10am - Welcome & Reflections

When Greed is A Good Thing with Julia Bernard-Thompson

Goddess Lunch Break

Energized Grounding 

Loveseat Coaching: Boundaries & Receiving

The Naked Selfie Edition with the Brittany R Williams

3:30pm - Closing


All Sessions include time for Q&A and spacious breaks 🥰


bio photo_edited_edited.jpg

the Brittany R Williams

Transformational Embodiment Coach
and Sex Doula

LuciaPavone Headshot.jpg

Lucia Pavone

Pleasure Instigator, Permission Granter, Somatic Sex Educator, International Speaker


Julia Bernard-Thompson

High-Ticket Sales Coach


Penelope Jane Smith

Premier Financial Freedom Coach 


“Since working with Lisa Dennen-Young I have experienced huge shifts of energy around business and money. Opportunities are flowing with momentum and ease unlike what I’ve experienced before. I have several influencers and a huge e-commerce company reaching out asking me to help them with their email copy, and new clients wanting to hire me to help them with lead generation. In another business I run, cash flow and business have dramatically improved. I'm so grateful to Lisa and her work, she is truly gifted.”

Jennifer Gardner

sarah Lightfoot.JPG

"From just a 10-minute coaching session, Lisa helped me clear what was in the way for me to offer my most popular offering yet. This yielded a new pipeline of business that is helping me flourish even in this economic downturn.”


Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 9.36.34 AM.png

"My business has been exponentially growing, it has been feeling so good, and what Lisa did was help me move blockages in the way of me showing up, taking full ownership, and being comfortable asking for more money for my services. (Being a business coach it’s super important to be able to ask and receive money for [my] services!)
If you’re on the fence and not sure, abso-fucking-lutely hire her. You will see shifts in your business, life and process. I’m so grateful and so honored I was given the opportunity to work with her, and it was well worth the investment I made to do so. Thank you Lisa for your magic!"


"Deciding to work with Lisa was one of the best decisions I made for 2021...I am seeing myself decolonize my thinking and my way of doing business and my life is expanding in ways I couldn't have imagined.

Also the sisterhood in this space is exactly what I envisioned. I definitely feel like it is safe to be all of me."


"Being in mastermind with Lisa has allowed me the permission to finally receive support and know I’m being held, as much as I thought I was doing that before, it’s shifted in a way that I’m still discovering. I’m able to be in my unique expression in every part of my life, my business and my relationships, and the diversity of what I’m taking in and learning is what keeps me satisfied and full, because I love being able to utilize my full expression."


"Lisa has helped me make mindset shifts connected to old patterns and wounds allowing me the ability to shift my experience quickly and deeply. She’s prioritized my psychological safety in a way I’ve never encountered before. She’s delivered on being able to hold space for all of me....and last but not least I’ve laughed and had more fun in this space than any other biz space I’ve been in!"


"I'm not going to lie, deciding to work with Lisa had me scared AF because I knew that once I decided to say yes to myself, to this journey, her magic, my wisdom, and this portal I knew that my life would never be the same, and it hasn't! ...Working with Lisa has been the best decision I have made in a very long time."

Casey Johnson-Aksoy

Renee Hilliard, M.D..jpg

“When I met Lisa, I was transitioning from practicing medicine to coaching. I was having difficulty stepping into this new leadership role because of concerns about what others would think of me. I was afraid to speak my truth and share my voice because I have always considered myself a shy person. I was trying to figure out what people wanted so I could make myself marketable instead of trusting that people wanted what I had to offer. 

I now see that I am my brand. My true self and vulnerable expression is what people want. That is the magic and the magnet. 

Lisa helped me managing the fear and anxiety of expressing myself. She helped me gain clarity around my true identity and what it is I want to offer.  Lisa helped me get to a place of feeling worthy of receiving.

She showed me by her example that a successful business can also include self care, ease, fun and pleasure. Thank you Lisa!”

Renee Hilliard, MD


"My time in LDY space has been pivotal to holding the vision in my heart. I have experienced diverse perspectives and backgrounds. Everyone standing in their individuality, yet knitting a sisterhood. I have life long relationships that go far past my business. Decolonizing my experience with money, relationships, and desire has lead me to make moves that scare the F*€k out of me. But I have the life, relationships, and money that serve me very well and feel better than I could imagine."

Brittany R. Williams



(Q)BBIAPI-WOC centered space

Money, Sex & Power is a space for WOC + our allies, where we honor brave & safe space as priority in equitable mentorship for WOC and those with marginalized identities. 

Image by René Porter


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The past we couldn’t control. The present is ours. The future is up to us.

Collectively, individually, communally. 

You have the power within to make a change and do so in a way that enables you ease, peace, and prosperity as you expand.

Your full integrated power is life changing for all of us.

In community we normalize these shifts you want to make. It'll become harder not to do the thing you're afraid of than to just do it!

Together, in community, of cycle breakers, claim what's waiting for you on the other side.