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  • Understand Sovereign Seduction and Seductive Leadership 

    • What it is

    • How to use it to empower you, your clients, and your community.

    • Why it is *the game-changer* in your life & work that no one talks about

  • Identify your unique Captivation Code that you can immediately implement in your business for greater income & impact 

  • Learn the fastest way to experience more Respect 🙌🏾, Love ❤️, Money in the Bank 🏦, and overall Receiving 🥰 in your business and in your life.​

  • Experience in real time using Sovereign Seduction to reclaim your true voice as a leader and feel safer in your skin

  • Practice your next-level decolonized expression in community, for healing and collective empowerment

Join us on Wednesday, December 2 at 12pm Pacific / 3pm EST

(Replay is available if you cannot attend live.)

About Lisa

Hey y'all it's me.

Lisa Dennen-Young, MA


I'm an anti-racist Leadership and Lifestyle coach. I was the first woman of color (WOC) to graduate as a forensic linguist in the United States. I mentor leaders to be epically expressed so that they too can step out as the visible leader in their communities, biz, and relationships for the kind of lifestyle and impact they desire. Over the last decade I've traveled globally training & coaching around cross-cultural communication, equity and inclusion in business practices, and human connection across professional and personal relationships. 

I come from lineages of medicine women and healers and Civil Rights activists who supported Dr. Martin Luther King Jr in the 60s. As a sound healer, medium, and intuitive healer, I live by the Maya Angelou words: "I come as one and stand as 10,000." When you get me, you get the ancestors too.

In this experience I'm taking you behind the scenes of my what I teach in the 👑All-Access Mastermind👑 , where I'm showing women & femmes how to add 6-figures to their annual revenue 🤑  while being their full and complete selves. I have used this to generate over $100,000 in my business in 2 weeks (no I'm not special -- I will tell you the whole backstory of being broke as a joke not that long ago), and my clients of all backgrounds and interests have experienced life-changing shifts in all areas of their lives as a result.

See you there! 💋

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“Since working with Lisa Dennen-Young I have experienced huge shifts of energy around business and money. Opportunities are flowing with momentum and ease unlike what I’ve experienced before. I have several influencers and a huge e-commerce company reaching out asking me to help them with their email copy, and new clients wanting to hire me to help them with lead generation. In another business I run, cash flow and business have dramatically improved. I'm so grateful to Lisa and her work, she is truly gifted.”

Jennifer Gardner

sarah Lightfoot.JPG

"From just a 10-minute coaching session, Lisa helped me clear What was in the way for me to offer my most popular offering yet. This yielded a new pipeline of business that is helping me flourish even in this economic downturn.”


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"My business has been exponentially growing, it has been feeling so good, and what Lisa did was help me move blockages in the way of me showing up, taking full ownership, and being comfortable asking for more money for my services. (Being a business coach it’s super important to be able to ask and receive money for [my] services!)
If you’re on the fence and not sure, abso-fucking-lutely hire her. You will see shifts in your business, life and process. I’m so grateful and so honored I was given the opportunity to work with her, and it was well worth the investment I made to do so. Thank you Lisa for your magic!"


What They Say


“I wasn’t getting signups for my challenge and graphics are NOT my thing. Lisa gave me some major tweaks and I ended up with over 70 people registered for my challenge and now at $14,000 in sales for this launch!”



“I loved the embodiment exercises - especially how much more I could learn about others from movement and eye contact vs just words...I also loved the core thesis of letting your own light shine to allow others to do the same... it gave me new perspective to deepen that practice. AND you’re an absolute light that’s full of love and magic and it’s absolutely palpable in everything you do and touch.” 


Maria Merloni.jpg

"Lisa is an amazing practitioner; she is anything but one dimensional!  I love how she combined her psychic abilities, sound healing, tremendous voice, and incredible ability to hold a safe, tight container to lead our group through a greater understanding of systemic racism and what we can each do to be part of the solution.  I am so inspired by her! " 

Maria Meloni

Renee Hilliard, M.D..jpg

“When I met Lisa, I was transitioning from practicing medicine to coaching. I was having difficulty stepping into this new leadership role because of concerns about what others would think of me. I was afraid to speak my truth and share my voice because I have always considered myself a shy person. I was trying to figure out what people wanted so I could make myself marketable instead of trusting that people wanted what I had to offer. 

I now see that I am my brand. My true self and vulnerable expression is what people want. That is the magic and the magnet. 

Lisa helped me managing the fear and anxiety of expressing myself. She helped me gain clarity around my true identity and what it is I want to offer.  Lisa helped me get to a place of feeling worthy of receiving.

She showed me by her example that a successful business can also include self care, ease, fun and pleasure. Thank you Lisa!”

Renee Hilliard, MD

carley corrado.jpg

"Lisa’s space empowered me with the language and frame to create more inclusivity for the groups I facilitate by speaking about dismantling systemic racism and oppression in ways that empower those with marginalized backgrounds. I've never been in a group addressing dismantling racism head-on that was simultaneously so loving and supportive. This environment allowed "mistakes" and biases to be shared, brimming over with vulnerability, so that they could be witnessed, transmuted, and used as a catalyst for group learning. This approach was experiential, digging down below the conscious mind where limiting beliefs can be shifted with the result of shifting behavior in a sustained way."

DR. carley corrado



Will there be a replay available?
- YES. You can get the juice 💦 attending the replay. 🤎 

🤗 See you soon! 🤗