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We’ve seen it so many times:

  • Maybe it’s a blow up inside your community Facebook group or Slack channel, arguing sides on a topic you’re not prepared to manage.

  • Perhaps a penned letter from a recent ex-employee.

  • You perhaps are wanting to be more welcoming for a particular marginalized-identity group of people and want to be sure you’re presenting the transition well.

  • Perhaps you’ve hired diverse team members in the past but they never seem to stay … lots of turnover. 

  • Maybe there isn’t something that’s gone wrong (yet) in your organization, but you understand the COI (Cost of Inaction) and decidedly are avoiding the countless crisis situations so many organizations have experienced in the last number of months.

Maybe your organization is just waking up to it…maybe they’ve known and you’re choosing to do something about it now.


Either way, you’re here and we’re celebrating you for taking steps to create effective and meaningful shifts to up level your organization.

Why Level Up?

Because we know that these things contribute to your bottom line, organizational growth, and brand loyalty (both from internal team members and for customers, clients, and community members):

  • Retention

  • Engagement

  • Community evangelizing

  • Ethic stats

People and companies alike invest in and align with brands they trust. Your organization can be the go-to brand shining as the authentic, ethical, value-aligned organization that inspires trust and becomes a model for others to follow.

In a Meeting

Who is This For?

Organizations who are committed to a real change & understand that a mandatory 2hr training will not change anything long-term in their organization (and is frankly a waste of everyone’s time and energy pretending.)

Organizations whose leadership teams are 100% onboard.

Organizations who are prepared to take a deep hard look and understand that this process takes time.

Organizations who want to experience Diversity Equity Inclusion Belonging (and all related names) in a transformational way.

Ways We Can Support

  • Doing an organization-wide assessment of your culture, brand, relations and systems

  • Calculating potential ROI / COI (cost of inaction)

  • identifying your objectives and key results (OKRs)

  • Creating and implementing measurable KPIs (key performance indicators)

  • Consulting on the content of your course(s), product(s), or service(s)

  • Crafting your values, mission statement, policies and procedures with clear guidelines of what happens if violated

  • Leading executive retreats, team trainings and organization / community wide trainings

  • Facilitating town halls or specific conversations

  • Internal communications coaching and specific change management support

  • Conducting anonymous interviews

  • Providing periodic analysis to track progress and optimize ROI

  • Messaging, marketing, branding, and external communications support 

  • And more!

  • TRANSFORMATION OVER TRANSACTION we’re not coming in to throw facts and statistics, lead some role plays then hope you’ve gained empathy and that lives have been transformed. That’s not how real team culture shifts and we all know it. 

  • #NORMALIZETHEJOURNEY  you can’t be “perfect” at it. And, that is the best part! The growth comes with practice. 

  • LEAD WITH HUMANITY — the leaders of tomorrow know this is how we’ll bridge the gaps

  • HONORING HUMANITY & SOVEREIGNTY — ultimately uncovering how systemic oppression is at play inside the org. It’s PERVASIVE in society, so you DO have it and it’s OK to own it (the affected parties already know, might as well acknowledge the elephant so the sound of the elephant doesn’t scare everyone away.)

What We Believe In

What It's Like To Work With Us

We Incorporate


How We Work Together

  • Customer retention: Avoid people leaving the community, costing you income.

  • Team retention: Maintain high team engagement and retention, while keeping turnover low to avoid using resources and money in crisis recovery.

  • Team output: Team moral soars when everyone feels supported, allowing them to contribute their unique skills and gifts effectively on a team with a leader who can honor these things. Our mission is to help you create the team culture your organization needs to continue to expand in a changing society.

  • More exposure: People like to share about organizations who align with their values and are creating change in the world. Remember, people vote with their dollars & people also quickly learn what’s happening inside a company or organization.

  • Integration: If your organization involves spirituality — the need for healing is great and we help you integrate that.

  • Strategy diversification: If you're a corporate, start up, or SMB — we bridge gaps that you’ve heard of from other DEI consultants and people. We bring it home for your team in a way that doesn’t alienate, try to invoke shame or guilt, and most importantly, actually is supportive for the marginalized identities individuals in your organization.

How This Work Saves You $$$

What Will You Experience in A Consultation?

  • Consultations are much like coaching sessions. We ask questions to help remove roadblocks or unknown obstructions to your goals. Perhaps even develop a goal that creates more ROI for what you’re ultimately seeking. Where you might need to take one step back to go 5 steps forward. We’ll pinpoint that for you on the spot with these questions.

  • You will leave with custom tailored recommendations to move your organization forward. 

  • Everyone wants a team culture where people get along, where different folks understand each other etc. and our recommendations will help you build this.

What Do You Get in a Consultation?

You receive ample recommendations, feedback, and valuable takeaways so that you have clear actionable next steps whether we come into your organization or not. These steps alone will save/earn you thousands of dollars.

How much is your Consultation?

Consultation calls are $500 USD for up to one hour.

It is our mission to get you the support you need and see more equitable and inclusive organizations.

We have the 100% Money Back Guarantee: if it is clear we are not a fit to get on the phone, we will refund you the full payment + share recommendations and potentially referrals if relevant. 


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