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Personalized Business

- DEI Audit -

Your Business / Organization Audit


(For LEADERSHIP LIBERATED + Friends of the Community Only)

Having conversations matters AND

  • If you really want to move the needle on dismantling systemic oppression, you do it based on your WORK

  • Financial empowerment is the fastest road to having power to make impact in the system

  • Money speaks SO MUCH LOUDER than words. Without just throwing money… money backed ACTION makes a difference

  • Make a difference in your community , clientele & those who follow your work

  • Normalize social impact biz models. Normalize social responsibility + outwardly acknowledging 

  • Get support for where you are in your business + on your allyship or accompliceship journey right now 

  • If you’re not in a place to stand behind a strong or fierce stance in your community, that’s okay. But what IS the next best step based on where you are? How do you represent your journey even if still in a fragile state / place?

How It Works

Watch the video for the details :)

What You'll Receive

  • Personalized strategy: Receive recommendations based on each of their business buckets. 

  • A clear roadmap of your journey: See clear steps written out for you on what’s next, where, with the greatest ease, to move the needle in your organization.

    • You receive easy-to-process documents structuring what’s possible down the road for your organization as well. Understand where you are and where you can go, in depth and in detail.

    • We’ll also make recommendations of which social impact model(s) may work best for you based on your goals, values, and strengths, and how to make the most of yours (if you’ve already implemented one).

  • Personal support: Receive a personalized video from Lisa detailing all the recommendations made + any other insights that can help you on your journey.

Team Meeting
Business Consultation

Have a transformational experience in your business or organization:

  • When you know where your money is going, it is easier to make more of it

  • When you have a strong why — a purpose — money can be accumulated with greater ease

  • When guilt does not surround riches because you know it EXACTLY how it is supporting growth in other places, this is when/where you are liberated to receive on your terms

Why Now

  • Your organization is the biggest and fastest way to truly dismantle systems of oppression in society. Money is power. Time is money. Reduce your time and reinvest your money for the empowerment of all.

  • Put to rest the sense of “never doing enough” with clear guidance on what will create more impact than personal conversations or signing petitions.

  • Create ease & clarity in navigating DEIB in your organization

  • Become the thought leader in your spacing modeling how to lead the way in the new paradigm

  • Get ahead of the curve. As demographics continue to shift and overall expectations of organizations and businesses continue to change, having this elements in place throughout your organization will become a greater expectation. Being a leader who integrates your DEIB values in your company as an ally is the #1 underrated skill right now.

  • Be clear that you’re not inadvertently harming, but rather supporting and amplifying, the communities you seek to support.


For the Solopreneur

with no team

(Employees or contracted)


FOR THE ORGANIZATION leader with a team

(up to a team of 10)


For the LEADER with

a larger team

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Payment plans available, just ask! (hello, I love accessibility)

*All prices are in USD.


20% of what you pay goes toward the next cohort The NEW Program — the 1st of its kind leadership coaching and ancestral healing program exclusively for black womxn.


100% of these funds goes directly to the cost of enrollment for a Black woman to empower her own community through various means of social impact and justice. (Meaning I pay out of pocket for the admin costs my team does to support these women so that as many women as possible can have this experience.)

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Your investment in the impact of your org is an investment in the leaders of the new paradigm around the world.


Our team only has space for 5 of these audits right now.
Email ASAP with your interest level + any questions. 


My team and I look forward to supporting you!