Behind The Scenes


In 2020, old structures and ways of being are crumbling.

The world is desperate for individuals who are willing to help create and lead in the new paradigm...through being themselves.

Are you feeling the call to finally pursuing the dream, working on the project, showing up for the impact and income they want to create?

If so, it’s time to expand your leadership … own your voice … Create your impact…

Here's Your Opportunity

🙌🏾  Learn to create success on your own terms without sacrificing your values, identity, or expression

🙌🏾 *Sustain* greater levels of success 


🙌🏾  Firm up those boundaries (probably some you hadn’t even through of) so that you can expand your capacity to lead more, receive more, have more, and influence more


🙌🏾  Reclaim your voice, embody your power, get right with your money, and step into being the CEO of your life!

🙌🏾  A community of women [cis, trans, nonbinary] leading in a revolutionary way that is true to your uniqueness and inspires leadership of those around you SO THAT you can normalize taking bold brave action that expands you + leads to collective empowerment in your communities

🙌🏾  Experience freedom in your life: of your time, of what you can do with money, scaling your impact and more!


Let Go Of...

👉🏾 Personal development industry norms where systemic oppression is baked into the ways of doing business, coaching, and shaming people into “success.” Align your leadership with your values without replicating systemic oppression.

👉🏾 The feeling that you’re not safe outside of your specific demographic or group. Learn to carry your safety within you no matter what space you walk into.

👉🏾 The issue of having what feels like success once, then never being able to recreate it / sustain it ever again

👉🏾 PERFECTIONISM IN YOUR LEADERSHIP (oh 👀 did I mean to type all caps? YES) Buh bye 👋🏾

👉🏾 Feeling held back by your fears of “failure,” success, living from your intuition, etc. When fear does not stop you, you are UNSTOPPABLE.

lisadennen-youngbycandacesmith-5847 copy


Behind The Scenes Academy

Behind The Scenes Academy (BTSA) is a 15-week backstage-pass training playground to experience the freedom of leading exactly as you are and create the impact and lifestyle you desire! Join in community with other Q(WOC) [cis & nonbinary] + allies who are reclaiming their power, making their voices and expression felt, and leading with impact in the world.

This is for you if you’re a (Q)WOC or woman ally [cis/non-binary] and


You identify as an impact-driven individual (entrepreneur or not) choosing to claim your voice and let your message be heard

You’re ready to stop hiding out of fear

You understand firming up the boundaries to is a must so you can say no to the crap and start saying yes to what you REALLY want

You see the connection between your personal/social/professional relationships and your success

You want to deepen connection to your intuitive capacities + your pleasure as you embody more visibility in your leadership.

You acknowledge the undeniable pull of this pandemic + a civil rights revolution calling you to step into your power and create meaningful impact in your communities.



12 live coaching 90 min and healing calls on Zoom (all meetings recorded for access.)

Space TO


BTSA in its entirety is 15 weeks with 12 active weeks. You receive 3 weeks “off” to synthesize and digest the material. This is how you give yourself space to take action.



You get 12 modules: videos, worksheets, and bonus materials to get you into aligned action with ease.



Embodiment exercises, meditations + tools to support your mind, body, and spirit as you navigate your transformation.

Set your foundations to receive like you never have before.



Be a part of our private Facebook group with unlimited access to ask all your questions and receive personalized laser coaching.



Live sound healing + remote clearings to clear out any stuck energy in your body as you navigate this journey.

safe space


Only for non-Black members:

A 4hr transformational allyship, equity and + inclusion training (attending this is a prerequisite to joining the calls and/or FB group.)

Meet Your

Behind The Scenes


Hey beautiful. I’m Lisa Dennen-Young (she/her). I serve as an intuitive sound healer and lifestyle coach. As the 1st WOC to graduate as a forensic linguist in the United States and the descendant of the civil rights leaders in North Carolina, I know intimately what it means to be on the forefront of leading change within myself and in larger communities.


I have earned my former Fortune 500 clients millions within minutes at trade shows, have spoken and performed my art in front of 14,000+ in multiple languages, and traveled the world for a decade training groups on cross-cultural communication, equity, and human connection across professional, romantic, and interpersonal relationships...


In this time I’d gained behind-the-scenes access to well-known leaders in their industries: grammy award winning producers, Oscar winners, directors & actors, athletes, tech startup leads, politicians & activists, Joe Biden, cultural icons, multimillion dollar CEOs and more. No one is showing what it takes to BE the kind of leaders with such great influence and cultural capital. Now I’m taking you behind the scenes so that you can learn your own path to this kind of success.

I only learned to incorporate these teachings into my own life with mentorship and support.


I used to sit still in fear of moving too much for someone around me. I shut my voice down because my presence was already offensive so I could never imagine taking up any more space with my words. I used to run myself into the ground because if I wasn’t working I wasn’t worth anything. I used to try to know everything and win all the awards as compensation for it. I had always been afraid … afraid to be loved, afraid to make money, afraid to marry, afraid to fail, afraid to thrive, afraid to disappoint, afraid to be vulnerable, afraid to use my voice, and ultimately afraid to be seen…as ME. 


I’ve spent the last 7 years making fear so sexy that the scary thing becomes more seductive than your status quo. Together, with the support of community, you too can step into your unique version of leadership.

I've gotten to where I am now — sharing myself vulnerably knowing it is the REAL strength, getting on Facebook live videos with great ease, claiming and living my desires, setting my boss boundaries, co-creating an incredibly liberating marriage, building a biz expressing my WHOLE myself, and decolonizing my mind, body, spirit and biz — because of support. Mentors pointing out blindspots, energy workers providing healing, surrounded in supportive community, and accountability to keep me on track, and celebrating every step of the way!

Weekly Modules & Content

Module 1


mindset & Boundaries

Align your mindset + boundaries to create the most nourishing environment for you (surely in more ways than you realized) and set you up for success




Tap into your intuitive guidance to understand what you really want to create in your life right now + receive strategic support on your path to get there.



visible voice

Connect to your authentic expression while normalizing using your unique voice in the world



your voice

Learn from the wisdom of your body to integrate the new boundaries, strategy, and expression that you’ll stand in as an even more visible leader.




Learn the E.P.I.C. expression framework to refine your message(s) + connect with others from your unique power and truth.


product & brand

Defining your unique space in the market and world.




Lead without giving away your power (or attaching it to money).





Find and/or create communities to support your needs and visibility.

Why BTSA? What Makes It Different?

💥 This is a community that centers (Q)WOC and those who carry the most marginalized identities in the space. My team and I are committed to maintaining a psychologically safe space with a justice and equity framework. (You’ll definitely want to click & read that link!)


Expect to experience a fiercely inclusive & equitable facilitation with ZERO tolerance for any behavior that perpetuates systems of racism or oppression.

💥 Get rid of any money mindset toxicity your industry taught you. 

💥 This is a place where you can be with ALL of you! Reclaim your quirks, attitudes, opinions, body parts, and/or personality flavors that were once deemed unworthy/not good or valuable. In the Academy we know these parts are the exact parts needing liberation for you to lead in a way that shares your greatest gifts.

💥 BTSA is designed for you to easily apply all modules and lessons to each area of your life with greater ease so that your visibility and increased impact does not come at the expense of love, your health, family, and lifestyle. You do not need to suffer into your success.

💥 This program starts the week of October 19 and ends in late January. This means you have my support + the support of the community to start your new year in your most YOU leadership yet! (With lots of R&R time between!)


💥 I​f you've ever wanted to experience a demographically inclusive space for women that *actually* honors the most marginalized in the room, this is your chance to see how it’s done.


Client Results

🔥Attracted a 6-figure client she actually felt aligned with!


🔥Set strong boundaries with her boss and then received the highest raise *in the entire company* during the next pay period!


🔥Began giving herself more love & respect in her relationship and receiving more love from her partner!


🔥Decided that she would no longer allow her skin color and body be a liability that keeps her invisible, and that she could instead use her voice and embrace her body … even dancing alone in the street!


🔥Awakened intuition & inner wisdom + healer capacities!


🔥Reclaimed the unique voice, personality and style! Leading to greater confidence + higher audience engagement online!


🔥Healed from four generations of domestic violence and learned to trust men again!

Lisa Story.jpg

“Since working with Lisa Dennen-Young I have experienced huge shifts of energy around business and money. Opportunities are flowing with momentum and ease unlike what I’ve experienced before. I have several influencers and a huge e-commerce company reaching out asking me to help them with their email copy, and new clients wanting to hire me to help them with lead generation. In another business I run, cash flow and business have dramatically improved. I'm so grateful to Lisa and her work, she is truly gifted.”

Jennifer Gardner

sarah Lightfoot.JPG

"From just a 10-minute coaching session, Lisa helped me clear What was in the way for me to offer my most popular offering yet. This yielded a new pipeline of business that is helping me flourish even in this economic downturn.”



“I wasn’t getting signups for my challenge and graphics are NOT my thing. Lisa gave me some major tweaks and I ended up with over 70 people registered for my challenge and now at $14,000 in sales for this launch!”



“I loved the embodiment exercises - especially how much more I could learn about others from movement and eye contact vs just words...I also loved the core thesis of letting your own light shine to allow others to do the same... it gave me new perspective to deepen that practice. AND you’re an absolute light that’s full of love and magic and it’s absolutely palpable in everything you do and touch.” 


Renee Hilliard, M.D..jpg

“When I met Lisa, I was transitioning from practicing medicine to coaching. I was having difficulty stepping into this new leadership role because of concerns about what others would think of me. I was afraid to speak my truth and share my voice because I have always considered myself a shy person. I was trying to figure out what people wanted so I could make myself marketable instead of trusting that people wanted what I had to offer. 

I now see that I am my brand. My true self and vulnerable expression is what people want. That is the magic and the magnet. 

Lisa helped me managing the fear and anxiety of expressing myself. She helped me gain clarity around my true identity and what it is I want to offer.  Lisa helped me get to a place of feeling worthy of receiving.

She showed me by her example that a successful business can also include self care, ease, fun and pleasure. Thank you Lisa!”

Renee Hilliard, MD

What People Say

Imagine what is possible in a full 15 weeks with not only my support but also the support of a diverse community also stepping into their leadership to create a more just and equitable world!


Money &


Tune up your money mindset and expand your capacity to receive and keep all kinds of energy: money, love, attention, energy, time, pleasure, affection


Family &


Enroll their support as you evolve, and/or learn to lean into these support systems (or replace them if no longer supportive).


Love &


Create your integrated flow so that instead of sacrifice, these areas support and resource one another.





Identify + develop the most supportive professional relationships for you right now and as you grow.



Never have I been so excited!


Not only is this in investment not only in your leadership and money-making capacity, but this is also one where you get to receive relationship coaching, your most unique and strategic messaging, your money mindset, ability to protect your peace, experience a justice-based coaching framework, have clear boundaries and more safety…this is the best of various coaching programs rolled into one community program experience where we go to the most important places others have overlooked!

IMPORTANT: Please read these Safe Space Guidelines before joining.

 🥳 Early bird pricing ends Friday, 10/2 🥳

[By submitting payment, you're agreeing that you have read through & will oblige by our Safe Space Guidelines and our Terms & Conditions.]

Prices are in US dollars.

[By submitting payment, you're agreeing that you have read through & will oblige by our Safe Space Guidelines and our Terms & Conditions.]




payment plan

$475 x 4


payment plan

$255 x 8


payment plan

$175 X  12

This Is A

(Q)BBIAPI-WOC centered space

BTSA is a safe space for folx of marginalized identities. This is a space for WOC + allies, where a restorative justice framework in a mixed space will be prioritized in an inclusive + equitable mentorship for WOC and those with marginalized identities. 

Before you decide you want to invest in BTSA, my ask is that you read through our operational guidelines on how we will be creating a safe, (Q)BBIAPI-WOC centered space.


Frequently Asked Questions

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