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A new paradigm of sovereign living is available to you now.

We use expression as a vehicle of growth, healing, and liberation for self and community.

Be BOLDLY YOU in your liberated expression‼ 🗣

Connection to your divine guidance and intuition✨

Embodying your voice, power and message 🙌

Abundance and financial prosperity 🏦

Implementing anti-oppressive & anti-racist practices in your life ✊

Creating beautiful relationships & true communal empowerment. 🤎

Your most fulfilling and prosperous life really starts when you begin to OWN all of who you are. I'm here to #normalizethejourney and celebrate 🤗 YOU 🤗 choosing to bring forth all of *your* gifts, talents, skills, lived experience, identity, and offerings. 🎉

With love,

Lisa 💋


Lisa Dennen-Young, MA is an anti-racist Leadership and Lifestyle coach. She was the first woman of color (WOC) to graduate as a forensic linguist in the United States.


For 10+ years she’s trained global audiences about cross-cultural communication, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), and human expression across professional and personal relationships. Lisa mentors womxn to be epically expressed as their highest calling leadership for success in their relationships, love, and as the visible leader in their communities. 

Lisa combines her lineages of medicine women and healers, Civil Rights activists who supported Dr. Martin Luther King Jr in the 60s, her diversity, linguistic, and cross-cultural communication expertise, and her sound healing to model leadership that creates epic love, stronger communities, prosperous business, sovereign womxn, and deep internal & interpersonal healing.

Her blend of fun and light-hearted depth includes dance, vocals, songwriting, spoken word, sound healing, rhythmic play, poetry, love coaching, and multilingual MCing / presenting. She speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese, with working knowledge of French, Turkish and Italian, and lives with her partner in Oakland, California.



Two Models

For non-Black allies & co-conspirators.


Woman in Black

For the leader looking to step into their fullness in all areas of life.

Leadership Coaching

Girls in Black

For WOC to find a safe

space to be fully yourself.

Women of Color

Business Meeting

For organizations looking to create impact through DEI.

DEI for Orgs




From trainings and workshops, Lisa can facilitate education in leadership, allyship, DEI, healing and business spaces.



Have a speaking engagement or conference? From corporate settings to online events, this is one of Lisa's favorite ways to engage with audiences.



Have a podcast? Hosting a summit? Lisa would love to connect 1:1 or in a group setting and cover a wide range of topics.


Sound Healing

Allow Lisa to facilitate a healing experience for your community through the art of sound.

Let's Connect

Clubhouse: @LisaDennenYoung

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